Joy Lashawn

Joy LaShawn is the Executive Advisor with BossUp International.  As the Executive Advisor with BossUp International, it allows me to exercise my expertise to each individual in our urban communities with the opportunity to become a BOSS – Building Opportunities on Self Sufficiency.  She not only takes on the priceless stance in supporting upward mobility in our immediate areas, but is destined to reach other communities globally. 


Many of her years were well spent in the wonderful business of Radio Broadcasting.  In 1976, she got her debut in Toledo, Ohio as a receptionist for an AM station.  Clients that called into the station to book appointments would often express how much they liked my voice and began requesting I personally record their commercials for them.  At that time, even then Joy hadn’t realized that this would be my undeniable calling. 


Later, Joy ventured into a different career of the transportation industry for quite some time,   

only to find out that it was not as fulfilling and made her way back into the radio broadcasting industry.  Needless to say it’s been happily ever after for Joy since, and loved the mystique of radio.  When she would meet people, they often said, “Now I can put the face to the voice”, or “You don’t look like you sound”, and I got a kick out of that.  Being on the mic is truly where my passions lie, and her yearn for it grew stronger and stronger by the day. 


My broadcast experience varied in ranges from Urban to Country Western throughout 

Cleveland Ohio, Houston, Los Angeles, and now currently in the amazing Las Vegas Nevada

on KCEP which she loves dearly.  Joy Lashawn is on the afternoon Joy Ride Show from 1-3pm at Power 88 KCEP, and Office Assistant in the late afternoon.  It has also been an absolute pleasure interviewing and connecting our listeners with celebrities who visit the station on a daily basis, of which some that she has known for many years.  Joy had the great privilege to be part of the broadcasting industry, as it has evolved over the years.  It has been an ongoing learning experience for Joy at KCEP, because of the radio station’s continuous goal to

reach all levels of modern technology, innovation, and ingenuity to build a stronger community in every manner possible.  With the ultimate dedication to serve the community is the truest reward.  It’s not only an honor to contribute to multifaceted areas and businesses of our urban communities.  Joy LaShawn loves what she does!