You can earn an all paid 2021 Labor Day weekend trip to Las Vegas or  Free Subscription to the  2021 Festival Live Stream  just by sharing with your friends and family on your social media platform. It’s that simple:

  1. You share our banner on your social media platform to your network of friends and family
  2. Every friend and family that use your assigned code when purchasing a ticket to the event or stream, you get paid commission and accumulate points to win Free Stream of the festival and up to (3) Nights and (4) Days Labor day weekend Sept. 4th – 7th in Las Vegas for 2:
  • Airline
  • Hotel (1) Room
  • VIP Reception
  • 5th Festival
  • Roaring 20’s Afterparty
  • Transportation
  • Plus more
  1. That simple, Share & Earn

Please send an e-mail to:

 Mindy Furlonge Spears Administration, Sponsorship Director

Address: Share & Earn

  1. We will send you the Commission Plan & Banner to start sharing and earning with you unique code already embedded in the banner for you. Makes it easy for your family and friends to not forget your code. Start Sharing & Earning Now.