Calzona vegas festival

Team Cali Zona is committed to creating an event that is much more than music and entertainment. The Inaugural CaliZona Vegas Fest (CZVF) will be the ultimate annual that showcase the African Heritage and Culture. CaliZona Vegas will be an event all the world  can be proud of.We will settle for nothing less than world class. Our mission is to provide a memorable experience for our viewers, vendors, advertisers and sponsors. Our goal is to reach 1 million viewers worldwide.


CalIZona Vegas Festival (CZVF) appreciates the opportunity to have your organization join us as one of our sponsors. We look forward to your dedication and contribution to the (CZVF) for years to come. Sponsors will play an integral role in generating awareness, building the (CZVF) brand, fan base, and contributing directly to the CaliZona Festivals and charitable organizations. Bridging the gap between brand presence and brand involvement, (CZVF) Sponsors will provide specific initiatives that benefit our viewers while enhancing the overall (CZVF) experience. Our sponsors set out to create inviting platforms to bring consumers and attendees together to discover and share ideas while connecting with their brand on a more personal level. Sponsorship will deliver the ultimate impact and visibility leading up to, throughout, and following the event. Align with CZVF as a top level partner on a Title or Presenter Sponsorship level, or create a customized CaliZona program to meet specific marketing goals with hands-on assistance from the CZVF Sponsorship team. We offer numerous avenues for you and your organization to promote during the CaliZona Vegas Festival. If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities, please email us at to discuss further.


CZV has mastered the challenges and opportunities that accompany unprecedented growth and development through imagination, civic spirit, resolve, and community pride. CZV has created world renowned success and a well planned and safe community that is amenity driven, people oriented will attract viewers from around the world. It’s an exciting time where people can experience the joy of being apart of the African Heritage and Culture. Black Dollars does matter. CZV Festival is” Your Entertainment of choice and a preferred platform to experience the African Heritage and Culture. The viewers of CZV have made this their community of choice and care deeply about its future. They appreciate origin and history. Most of all, they Aspire to build a future of quality, uniqueness, and boldness that fulfills their greatest hopes and potentials. Full of enthusiasm, seeing the challenges that lie ahead as opportunities. Its people embrace constructive change and work together to build CZV of the future. Community is a sense of sharing and belonging. Within CZV this vision elements has these areas of emphasis: Promoting and achieving a distinctive, positive and captivating image for CZV. Buildings, sustaining and celebrating community involvement and partnerships. We are excited to include are major market in the U.S. and around the world


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