“Pinocchio is a liar, The Nightmare”

This is the headline event of the 2020 CZV Festival. A must see event starring Comedian George Wallace, Actor /Director Hawthorne James aka. As (Big Red from the Five Heart Beats), Comedian Jay Lamont, Comedian A.J. Jamal and Comedian Ms. Arkansas. With a Las Vegas allstar supporting  cast starring E.C. Adams, Joy LaShawn, Macho Black, Kyan Moye .

Trump vs. Obama is a political comedy directed by Hawthorne James about a debate between President Trump (Hawthorne James) and President Obama (Jay Lamont) talking about issues we face today and his presidency. Questions will be asked that we all want answers to. Also starring (A.J. Jamal) as Kanye West, (George Wallace) as George Wallace, (Ms. Arkansas) as Candice Black and (Joy Lashawn) as the commentator.  This is a debate you don’t want to miss as it has the making to be a comedy classic.

CZV goal is to reach 1 million viewers for this event. The first 5,000 early bird subscribers will be entered to win $5,000.00 CASH! Early Bird Special is only $24.99 by September 1st. Save $15.00. Order now and tell a friend. CZV goal is to vote President Trump out of office and to get everyone out to vote.  Please support this amazing event on VOD and make a change. Black Dollars Matters.

Enter To Win $5,000.00 CASH !


George Wallace

As Himself

Hawthorne James

President Trump

Jay Lamont

President Obama

A.J. Jamal

Kanye West

Ms. Arkansas

Candice Black


E.C. Adams

Joy Lashawn

Bobby Rose

Kyan Moye

Macho Black